This is a post about how much I miss watching Rafael Nadal play


I’m really pumped about the USO starting today but I’m also having a really rough Rafa day. 12 months ago was one of the absolute BEST times of Rafa’s career, and it just kind of blows to have to watch him go through yet another setback, yet another freak injury, yet another Slam absence.

AND SO. Here are some gifs of him being a goofy ridiculous puppy. (Which, in all honesty, may be causing me to miss him even more than I already did. But whatever. He’s adorkable.)  

He always comes back stronger.  And I can’t wait to see this smile again.

Rafael Nadal & Spanish singer David Bisbal ~ ‘Tú y Yo' Tour in Felanitx (Mallorca) [x]

Rafa pumped up after James scored


Rafael Nadal | Nike Sportswear


Rafa not playing the USO.

I just hope he’s totally healed for the World Tour Finals.

Rafa Nadal while watching Real Madrid vs Atletico Madrid’s game


Nike Sportswear Presents: Fall 2014 Tech Pack

"I’m gonna miss you."